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Peru Travel - Three Cultures - Caral Sechin and Chanquillo

Peru Travel


Three Cultures Peru


CARAL, the Oldest City of America.

The Circular Plaza of the Mayor Pyramid, constructed 5,000 years, is the symbol of the political power and religious of the first Peruvian state.The discovery of this sacred city, was made in 1994, in Supe-Peru, by Ruth Shady, archaeologist of the Universidad Nacional de San Marcos. During the digs it was found left-overs of fibers in several zones of the site, which they were taken to be tested in radio-carbon data and the results came out that it was approximately 2,627 to 2,100 years B.C.


CHANQUILLO, the Oldest Solar Observatory in America.

It was built more than 2,000 years ago, in the coastal area of Peru and only 400 kms. from Lima located near Casma. The archaeological place dates III Century B.C. (Final Formative period). It consists of several circular structures fortified with thick stone walls and plastered with mud, besides 13 towers from which it was observed the movements of the Sun, as well as the solstices and the equinoxes. Before these investigations Chanquillo was considered a fortress with eminently military functions and it was related with the Mochica Culture of the First Regional Development. (200-600. C.).


SECHIN, the Great Warriors of the Casma Valley.

On the 1st of July of 1937, Julio C. Tello discovers the place guided by Victor Duenas. The people of the area knew of the place and they called it the HUACA DEL INDIO BRAVO (Ruin of the Brave Indian), because of a human face that was carved in a big rock and it was 3/4 buried on the ground. Tello finds in the north front, east and west sides, 98 carved rocks.The Casma culture, will be conquest by the Chimu culture (XIII Century A.C.), which will dominate the valley. Finally the Incas, come into this area in the XV Century A.C., becoming Casma part of the Inca Empire.

If you are looking for a new and different destination to visit and have a few days, this is the one. The trip to the Three Cultures can be an unforgettable and a life time experience for you.